As soon as you have a need for product development or engineering services, TEG works with you to determine if we are a good match for your project. Our process for engaging on a new project involves:

Phase 1: Inquiry Protocols
An initial discussion between you and TEG to listen, collect and share our general skills/capabilities and determine if we are a good fit for your project needs. After this we establish a NDA to facilitate the further exchange of information.

Phase 2: Design Protocols
A detailed discussion among both teams to get an in-depth understanding of your project needs and for you to gain an understanding of our specific technical capabilities. This discussion will involve appropriate members of both teams.

Phase 3: Proposal / Statement of Work (SOW)
Based on the information received in Phase 2, we may mutually agree to create a detailed project proposal or SOW for your project. This SOW will define the project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and business terms. 

Phase 4: Project Kick-off
Once we reach agreement on the SOW, TEG will assemble all the people and resources needed to launch your new project!

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